The names Oprah Winfrey and Farah Fawcett come to mind when I think of hair with a lot of volume. The term “great hair” has come to be synonymous with having a lot of volume, but not every one of us is blessed with naturally full and bouncy hair. Or, unless we are, it just doesn’t appear to be for very long. You have arrived at the right location if you have noticed that your hair has lost its volume and you’re interested in learning how to add volume to hair. 

How to Give Your Hair More Body and Volume 

You can obtain more voluminous hair, improve hair health, and perhaps even assist in avoiding future hair loss caused by damage by following these straightforward recommendations. Here is how to add volume and texture, whether you’re trying to fight the effects of fine hair genetics, are going through the process of thinning hair, or simply want a big and bouncy hairstyle. 

Use a Shampoo and Conditioner That Have Volumizing Effects on Your Hair

The shower is the first step in creating thick, full hair, and the products you use there are important. If you wanted to create a chocolate cake, you would not choose a vanilla cake mix; you’d use a chocolate cake mix instead. In the same vein, if you want your hair to have more volume, you shouldn’t use just any conditioner or shampoo. Instead, you must look for products that are specifically formulated for thickening hair.

Rather, search online for hair products that are designed particularly for volume, such as the Weightless Shampoo and Conditioner on Health on Point’s page, and purchase those instead. The  Weightless Shampoo and Conditioner are specifically developed to deep clean your hair without stripping it of its natural oils, while also being extremely lightweight to prevent your hair from becoming limp and lifeless. 

Blow-dry Your Hair in the Upside-down Position

This isn’t some sort of test designed to make you behave peculiarly. To achieve the most volume possible, blow-drying your hair upside down is the way to go! The measures that you take to blow-dry your hair are important in the same way that washing and conditioning your hair are. A glance at the following will show you how to achieve volume in your blowout: 

  • The greatest results can be achieved by beginning with a volumizing styling product. 
  • Take the nozzle off the end of your blow dryer, and blow-dry your hair by holding it upside down while the dryer is on low heat. This encourages lift at the roots and fullness throughout the entire plant. 
  • When your hair is almost two-thirds dry, replace the nozzle and blow-dry it with a round brush while pulling the hair up from the root and directing the nozzle upwards out from under your hair. Do this until your hair is completely dry. It also makes a difference what kind of round brush you use.
  • If you want to give your hair more body while also detangling and establishing shine, give a brush with boar and nylon bristle a try. 
  • Last but not least, give your hair a blast of cold air to help it obtain its fullest possible volume. 

Finish by Blow-drying Your Hair

You can still get voluminous hair even if blow-drying isn’t your thing. There are other options. Because it is common knowledge that heat styling can cause some degree of damage to the hair, avoiding the use of a blow dryer can result in several significant benefits, including increased volume in the hair. If you don’t use a volumizing product, you’re possibly curious about how you can give your hair more volume. 

Blot drying can help maintain the integrity of your hair, which is essential if you want your hair to retain its volume. When drying your hair, you should exercise extreme caution because thin hair is more susceptible to breakage, and wet hair is also more fragile than dry hair. Instead of vigorously rubbing your hair with the towel after you get out of the shower, try patting it dry with it instead. 

If you want to save yourself the trouble of using a blow dryer and the risk of harming your hair from rubbing it with a towel, you could also forego taking a shower completely and use dry shampoo as an alternative. 

Alter the Way That You Wash Your Hair

Not only is the product you utilize in the shower important but so is how you use it. It is especially crucial to pay attention to how you wash your hair if you have thin hair or hair that is compromised. If you follow this principle, you can cut down on the number of times you have to wash your hair and the amount of damage it sustains: apply shampoo to the roots of your hair and conditioner to the ends. Click here to find the Root To Top styling moisturizer from Health on Point’s range, that will help you reach your volume goal.

Because of this method and the correct volumizing products, you’ll need to wash your hair less frequently, which can lengthen the life of your style and reduce the risk of damage. Fine hair can quickly give the appearance of being greasy. 

An accumulation of excess product might also be the cause of hair that is limp and flat. Even after washing your hair, if the roots of your hair still feel oily or powdery, the problem is probably caused by the excessive use of styling products. You might want to think about adding a clarifying shampoo to the mishmash as well. It will remove any product buildup that may be causing your hair to appear thinner or weighed down. 

Flip Your Hair Parting in the Opposite Direction

This isn’t yet another hoax of any kind. Altering the position of your part is a quick and easy fix that can make a significant impact on the volume of your hair. When it is consistently parted in the same manner over time, the hair will gradually lay flatter. You can encourage your hair to lay in a less flat style by doing something as simple as swapping from a side part to a middle part or vice versa. Spraying a hair volumizing mousse at the roots will enable it even further and add lift to the hair. 

Give An Old Method of Hairstyling a Shot

The use of a curling iron or a blow dryer is not the only option available for styling your hair. Keep these tips in mind the next time you find yourself scratching your head over how to give your hair more volume. 

The use of rollers was a common method of hair styling for our grandmothers and mothers and even though we have more advanced hot styling tools available today, this tried-and-true method is still the most efficient way to accomplish voluminous curls.

When your hair is almost completely dry, roll it up in large velcro rollers while lifting it from the crown and rolling it in the opposite direction, from the endpoints forward towards the root. After your hair has completely dried into big, bouncy waves which you can brush out or simply leave as is, you can strip away the rollers. 

Teasing the hair is an excellent hairstyle technique that has been passed down from older generations and is known for adding volume to the hair. You got that right. To attain a life that is unlike any other, you need to go through the roots with a comb that has very fine teeth and make some magic there. 

Get Your Haircut from a Professional

When it comes to bringing dormant locks to newer heights of vibrancy, hairdressers can act as magicians. You walk into the salon feeling uninspired about your hair, and when you leave, you have a brand new hairstyle that is fuller and more voluminous. Here are some of how a good haircut can genuinely morph the appearance of hair that is fine and flat. 

If your hair is straight, you should consult a hairstylist about getting long layers cut into it. These layers will give your hair motion and body without making the bottom of your style appear thinner. Any type of hair, including straight or curly, can benefit tremendously from a pixie cut, lob, or bob, which are examples of short hairstyles.

The shorter your hair is, the lighter it will be, and this will prevent it from lying completely flat. Even though you may be emotionally invested in your luscious locks, giving them a choppy lob can immediately give longer hair that is struggling to keep its volume a fresh look and feel. 

Ensure That You Use The Appropriate Hair Products

If you’d like to understand how to volumize your hair, we discussed briefly some of our preferred volumizing products that you ought to add to your regimen above. However, there are also a few products that you ought to eliminate from your regimen if you wish to learn how to volumize your hair. Vote “yes” to products that add volume to your hair, such as volumizing sprays, mousse, and dry shampoo, and vote “no” to heavy lotions that will drag down your hair. 

When utilizing hair products, the principle of “less is more,” especially if you have notably fine hair, should always be followed. Begin with a small amount, then gradually increase it as necessary. This will effectively deter your hair from becoming weighed down by the product and causing it to fall out as it builds up. 

As you can see, there are many different ways to add volume to hair, which means that you never have to accept a style that leaves your hair flat again.