Moisture commonly originates from the bases of home walls due to flawed surface and ground drainage systems, rising ground altitudes, as well as the increased usage of concrete, finishes around buildings without the thought of proper drainage inclines. These problems seem to be on the increase lately, especially with regards to new building developments as the construction thereof seems to be more rushed, many structural shortcuts are taken to save on building costs as well as the use of poor quality building materials along with improper drainage planning.

Therefore even though one’s brand new home may seem perfect from the outside, the overwhelming amount of moisture within the walls causes dampness to form and build up from the inside of one’s home walls without anyone actually even realizing; thereby making it the perfect breeding grounds for mold as well as mites which is a huge culprit in causing respiratory problems like bronchitis, asthma etc..
Damp gives a whole new meaning to evil as it creeps up on you when you least expect it and causes destruction of everything in its path, even one’s health is at stake as it spreads disease and ill health like a thief in the night without anyone ever realizing.

And only once the walls start cracking due to the damp the homeowner only then realize that there’s a damp problem, and by then, it might just be too late to call in damp proofing specialists, as an entire restructuring of one’s home might be required by then before proper damp proofing procedures can be followed.

It is therefore of the utmost importance to establish the main cause and location of the damp problem the second you notice that there is damp present in your walls, to be able to attend to it in the best possible way by finding the best solution. Prevention is, and has always been the best solution however. It is therefore advisable to hire professional damp proofing specialists to ensure that your walls have been damp proofed by the highest quality of damp proofing materials by using the best techniques.