Most people see a living room and a lounge as one and the same. They do in fact differ, in that a living room is an area in a dwelling that is used by the whole family for activities in addition to lounging. Lounges are predominantly used for lounging or relaxing. For this reason, the furniture in a living room will usually differ from the furniture one would normally select for a lounge. A lounge tends to have a more formal tone to it, and living rooms tend to be a more informal entertainment area. The living room is where the family “lives”.

Living rooms often have to be furnished in a very practical fashion which will enable the inhabitants of the home to use the living space in the desired manner. Children may want to watch TV and play TV games, while parents may want to read, and others may also want to socialize and eat in the living room. In some cases, the living room will double as a guest room. The living room furniture has to fit in with what is happening in the area, and if there are a lot of children or pets, then the type of furniture and coverings have to be able to handle this. For example, the couch or seating should have washable covers which do not show up dirt very easily. Where a living room will also serve as an extra bedroom for visitors, a couch that folds out into a bed can be used.

However, style does not need to be sacrificed for function, and there are living room furnishing solutions for just about any living room situation. There are so many fabrics one can choose for living room furniture and decoration. Style, color, and fabric are the three major considerations. Space is important too, and if a space is small or a lot of movement will take place in the living room, then more compact pieces is advised. Modern living room furniture can quite often consist of various pieces that can be joined and shaped into a form which will complement the room or make it more functional.