New Tourist Hotspots Are Continually Springing Up in Different Parts of the World

These places tend to be off the beaten path, in remote locations, and they typically offer something distinctive or out of the ordinary that sets them apart from the rest of the competition. It is an exciting time to be a traveler because there are more and more places coming onto the market, which is making it more accessible than it has ever been to see new parts of the world. From five-star treehouses to hotels submerged in the ocean. Here are a few of the most exhilarating new travel destinations that you absolutely must visit as soon as possible. 

A stay at the Lodge on Kampa Island 

Prague’s Kampa Island is a densely wooded island that can be reached by boat in a matter of minutes from the city center. It is currently being developed as a breathtaking new travel destination, and the doors to the first hotel are scheduled to open in the year 2020. The Lodge at Kampa Island is going to be an arty hotel that has a stunning design and will blend Prague’s heritage with modern design. On the island, in addition to a restaurant and a spa, there will be a total of 12 suites and there will be no room for cars. Instead, guests have the option of walking to Prague’s Old Town or taking a quick ride on a water taxi. 

Fiji: An Experience Fit for a King and Queen 

Fiji is a popular vacation spot for people who enjoy going to beaches because of its tropical climate, dark waters, and sandy shores. The nation that is an archipelago is comprised of hundreds of tropical islands, the majority of which are still untouched and in their natural state. 

Suva, the nation’s capital, is a bustling metropolis that serves as an ideal location from which to launch your excursion. You can get a feel for the history and culture of the country by paying a visit to the Fiji Museum. In addition, Laucala Beach in Suva offers a wide variety of excellent shopping opportunities. Go on a boat trip to some of Fiji’s smaller islands to get an authentic taste of island life. Fiji consists of over 300 islands. Traveling to the remote island of Taveuni is consistently ranked as one of the most popular vacation destinations. 

Bungee Jumping in Mauritius 

The sport of bungee jumping has been practiced for centuries, but the development of modern innovation has allowed it to reach previously unfathomable heights. If you have never tried bungee jumping before, a few places on earth are more ideal than the island of Mauritius, which is located in the Indian Ocean. 

Because the world-famous Piton Mountains rise so high above the island’s geographic center, they provide a spectacular backdrop for breathtaking jumps. As you make your way down Mauritius, you will be able to take in its stunning natural scenery while looking out over the Indian Ocean. Travelers searching for a taste of adventure will find that Mauritius is a brilliant new travel destination that they should consider visiting. 

Costa Rica’s Religious Retreats and Sanctuary Hotels 

The Sanctuary Retreats is a hotel that has a breathtaking design and is located in the middle of the jungle in Costa Rica. The hotel was designed to reduce its impact on the environment and was constructed using eco-friendly materials. It has a spectacular design, with buildings that can blend in with their surroundings without any noticeable gaps. 

The hotel provides an incredible variety of activities, ranging from classes in yoga and meditation to guided hikes through the Costa Rican jungle, during which guests have the opportunity to observe local wildlife. Costa Rica is one of the top hiking destinations in the world. In addition to that, there are numerous opportunities to unwind with a refreshing drink from the tropics while lounging by the hotel’s pool. Anyone who wants to experience being at one with nature should consider traveling to Costa Rica, a wonderful new travel destination. 

Rotterdam’s Floating Hotel 

A fantastic new travel destination that combines land and water has recently opened its doors in the Netherlands. The Floating Hotel in Rotterdam is located on a massive barge that is always docked somewhere within the city’s waterways. An incredible opportunity can be found aboard the barge, which is a component of the WORM (Watershed and River Museum) Museum. 

The hotel has a total of 14 suites, each of which is distinctly styled and decorated by a different creative individual. You can also go to the museum to view the various exhibits and collections that are housed there. The Floating Hotel in Rotterdam offers guests a one-of-a-kind adventure and is quickly becoming recognized as one of the most thrilling and forward-thinking new travel destinations in the world. 

The Most Exciting Up-and-Coming Travel Destinations: Z 

Z is a brand-new and forward-thinking concept in the realm of luxury travel that enables travelers to design their itineraries. You have a selection of options available to you in terms of places to go, things to do, and places to stay, each of which can be found at a different price point. 

Z will make sure you see and do everything you could want. You can travel the world without leaving the safety of your own home by using your computer to access travel websites and apps. Z is a wonderful new travel destination for anyone with an adventurous spirit who is looking to create their ideal vacation for themselves. 

However, you will likely need to act quickly because this is currently one of the most thrilling and forward-thinking new travel destinations, and it is already proving to be an extremely popular destination. 


It is an exciting time to be a traveler because there are more and more places coming onto the market, which is making it easier than it has ever been to see new parts of the world. When it comes to planning your next vacation, you have more options than ever before, ranging from hotels that are submerged in water to luxurious treehouses. These are the locations that are poised to emerge as prominent new tourist hotspots shortly. This indicates that you have the opportunity to be among the first people in the world to try them out. Which items on your travel “bucket list” will you finally cross off?