Landscaping is one of the most demanding forms of art that a person can engage in, people often make the silly mistake of thinking that landscaping and gardening are the same things, that would be like saying that knowing how to park a car was the same as knowing how to fly a plane because while gardening and landscaping are indeed connected to each other, they are definitely not the same thing.
Landscaping requires as much planning as it takes when one is building a house. This is why landscapers charge as much to do their jobs, as what one would be used to paying for a visit to the architect.

Landscaping is not just about knowing what plants to put where, to ensure that there are always lovely flowers in the garden, landscaping requires a person to know not just about plants and flowers that might do well in a certain space, but it also requires you to know how your choice of plants and flowers will affect those which are nearby. This is one of the most demanding parts of landscaping: the knowledge of how what you are doing is going to affect everything else around you, not just today but for the next fifty years.

If only landscaping had been more of a hit way back when cities would not have had their current designs. Before people thought about making landscaping decisions, they pretty much did as they pleased with regard to the natural elements that they were imposing on. Early landscaping pros would have been the bane of modern landscaping. People seemed to think that they could do whatever they wanted to the eland and it would just repair itself over time. Thanks to good landscaping education, people have seen that this is more than just a myth, it is an idea that could cause that earth to be completely barren before the turn of the next century and this is why landscaping needs to be not just encouraged as accepted but made an essential part of the planning of lives.