Is it best to buy a new water heater from a store that advertises low prices on equipment? Despite the fact that we are a plumbing company, we recommend having your plumber install a new water heater because they will be able to help you find the best model for your home. 

Learn the distinctions between buying a water heater from a big-box store and from a plumber before you head to the plumbing section. You can make an informed decision based on the details provided below. 

What It’s Like to Buy a Modern Hot Water system in a Store 

Property owners can find and start comparing a wide variety of water heater systems at the plethora of home remodeling shops and online retailers available today. While it may appear that going this route will save you money on your water heater design and installation thanks to the amazing deals and cheap prices you’ll see publicized, ask yourself if the savings will actually be worth it. 

The Condition of Water Heaters 

In most cases, a plumber will have a better selection and better quality than what is offered in a retail store or online. Typically, low wholesale prices are achieved through the reduced quality of products and the utilization of less sturdy components. Water heaters sold in stores may not have the same quality parts as commercial models. This includes plastic valves, aluminum anode rods, less insulation, and other issues. Such parts don’t last as long and are more likely to malfunction due to inferior materials. 

No Available Experts 

The average household lacks the specialized knowledge necessary to make the best choice when purchasing a new water heater. Actually, most retail workers feel the same way. A certified plumber will have thorough understanding of plumbing systems and water heating equipment, which retail workers will not. Information published on the exhibit or available online is typically all you must rely on when making a purchase. 

Staff members infrequently have plumbing repair experts, so they are often uninformed about how to set up a new water heater that a customer has purchased. To make a house ready for the new appliance’s installation and use, it may be necessary to do more than just hook it up, such as replace the plumbing system or reroute the gas lines. The purchase of a new water heater often necessitates such maintenance in order to increase capacity, change fuel types, or convert from a tank to a tankless system. 

This is a Sales-only, No-service Establishment

A store only cares about making a sale of a brand new unit to you. Unfortunately, once the sale is finalized, the assistance of the retailer is no longer required for the duration of the home improvement project. When compared to a small, locally owned business, a big box store or an online retailer could care less about your happiness with the products they sell you. They provide no assistance in the event that issues arise with your water heater over its lifespan. 

Installation is not a service that is provided by retailers. What good is a new water heater if you don’t understand how to install it? And how exactly are you planning on bringing this humongous, heavy thing inside? A new water heater from a big box store or online retailer will leave you on your own. 

Investing in New Plumbing Equipment by Purchasing a Water Heater 

When you invest in a brand-new water heater from a neighborhood plumber, you’re getting more than just a piece of equipment; you’re getting access to professional installation services as well. A licensed plumber can assist you in making an informed decision about replacing your water heater, as well as provide accurate sizing advice and dependable installation services. Additionally, a plumber is available on an ongoing basis to assist with any post-installation needs that may arise. 

The Art of Plumbing 

As well as extensive education, professional plumbers also have years of hands-on experience. To help you compare features and estimate energy savings, talk to a plumber in your area about the specific water heater designs that would work best in your home. 

It is important to have your home’s hot water demand determined by a plumber before purchasing a new water heater to ensure that the unit you purchase can keep up with your family’s needs. If you want to upgrade to a larger water heater, switch to a gas water heater from an electric one, or go tankless, you should consult a plumber about the work involved. 

Good Quality Water Heaters 

Plumbers can buy water heaters from manufacturers, distributors, or wholesalers in the plumbing industry. Professional plumbing supply outlets stock more robust and long-lasting systems than do department store outlets. Plumbers are able to offer lower rates to customers because of the long-standing relationships they’ve developed with their suppliers. To save you the trouble, they’ll handle ordering and shipping on your behalf. 

Installing And Ongoing Maintenance 

After a customer purchases a new water heater from a plumber supply store, the plumber who sold it to them performs the installation. He or she will do whatever is required to get your new system up and running in your home. All preparations, such as the setup of gas lines or the redirection of plumbing pipes, must be made before the unit can be set up. 

Having a plumber install a brand-new water heater comes with the added bonus of being covered by the plumber’s labor warranty. If there is an issue with the installation, most plumbers will offer a warranty to cover the costs of fixing it. Your plumber can also handle any maintenance or fixes to your system that fall under the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Working with a local plumbing company means you’ll receive ongoing service and support, long after the initial installation is complete. An independent plumber cares about doing a good job for you. The next time your new water heater breaks down or needs maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact your trusted plumber. 

Expecting a Plumber to Put in a Store Display Unit is Unrealistic

To take advantage of the store’s sale prices on a new water heater and then have a plumber do the installation might seem like a good plan. These water heater installations are not typically done by licensed plumbers. 

If you don’t work with a plumber and buy a water heater elsewhere, there’s no way to know for sure that it will be installed correctly or that it will be of adequate quality. The plumber may not be familiar with the model of the equipment you’ve chosen. Typically, plumbers won’t put in water heaters that customers have purchased elsewhere. 

Problems With Retail Store Installations

Installation services for products sold by huge online and home development retail outlets have become increasingly common in recent years. Many house owners are persuaded by these services’ claims that their work will be done by a certified expert. Since a local plumber won’t set up a store-bought water heater, you’ll have to rely on the store’s installation service. 

Utilizing such a service when shopping for a new water heater does come with a few drawbacks. You are forced to use the plumber the store has contracted with, regardless of whether or not you prefer to work with them. There is little you can do if you have concerns about the contractor’s expertise or track record. 

Property owners who experience difficulties during installation must contact the retailer for assistance. If you have to go through a third party before reaching the plumber, it will take longer to resolve the issue and there will be more room for miscommunication. Clients who have used these services have complained of subpar work from the contractors hired by the retailers and a cumbersome process for getting any problems fixed. 

Put in a New Water Heater Right Away

DIY water heater installations are not worth the potential danger to you and your family. You should have a licensed plumber install this type of home appliance. Visit this page for more information.