Balustrades are a common addition to staircases, balconies, and patios in the home. They provide support and balance in elevated and potentially dangerous sections of the home. Beautifully designed balustrades can be incorporated into other elements of décor such as lamps, lighting fixtures, and furniture. Balustrades became a popular style of décor during the renaissance in Italy many years ago. Today they are a symbol of class, style, and luxurious elegance throughout the world.

Nowadays, many different kinds of materials are used to make balustrades. This gives homeowners more options in terms of design and style. Iron, polymer stone, steel, fiberglass, and even glass balustrades are popular materials. Early balustrades, however, were made out of wood. Even then, people had a choice of which wood would best suit their décor and practical needs. Wooden balustrades are solid and sturdy structures that make the home appear warm and welcoming. The perfect wooden balustrades blend in with the theme of the décor and furniture in the home. Homeowners must go for balustrade designs that complement their personal tastes.

A variety of carved hardwoods and softwoods like pine and oak are used in the manufacture of balustrades and handrails. Wooden balustrades and handrails that are installed properly, as well as any other profession, executed renovations, increase the value of the property. They also provide a barrier that keeps small children from falling over the elevated sections of the house. Wooden balustrades and handrails also help ailing family members that need special attention, balance and support when moving around the house.

Wooden balustrades for the exterior of the house must be treated with chemicals that will make the wood resistant to harsh weather conditions. They must also be sprayed with a fire resistant chemical to reduce the influence the wood would otherwise have in a fire. Wood is a highly combustible material and it can act as a catalyst in the case of fire causing extensive damage the building structure and the contents stored in the house. Untreated wooden balustrades lose their shine very quickly leaving them spoiled and unattractive.