Many people dream of building their own homes. It is generally considered a very expensive option and not many people are in a position to build their own home. However, when the dream has been realized, the ideal piece of land has been purchased and the finance is available, then it is necessary to kick the process off with thorough planning and good building plans. It is essential that building plans are drawn up accurately according to scale and that the characteristics of the landscape on which it is built are taken into consideration. It is also essential to be aware of the municipal guidelines and requirements for buildings in that particular area. For instance, in some areas, the homes are all required to be built according to a particular style, and in other areas homes may not exceed a particular height.

Some homeowners decide to draw their own house building plans, but in order to avoid misunderstandings and faulty plans, it is recommended that the plans are drawn up by a professional, such as an architect. This is normally more expensive than drawing the plans DYI, but architects are generally more aware of regulations and other issues of the landscape which a homeowner may not have enough knowledge about to consider, and factor into the plans. This does not mean that the homeowner will not be advised to draw plans for their own home. House building plans can easily be drawn up from a template, or in rough, by the homeowner, but then carefully scrutinized by the architect or house plan expert.

Before any building can commence, the plans have to be passed by the local municipal council. The final version of the plan is sent to the city planners and home planning division of the municipality, and they scrutinize the plans to ensure suitability of that particular construction for that area, and also to ensure that all aspects of the building fall within the allowable regulations. Quite often plans are rejected again and again, and it can be very frustrating for the home owner to submit the plans repeatedly for approval as the process can take quite long.